Key Tweet involving LBBD's Borough Data Explorer or Social Progress Index

Hugely impressed by @lbbdcouncil unique data explorer and Social Progress Index linked to manifesto. Great demo by @nyunt_pye for our mapping and comms work with @ThamesWardCP and residents 1/3

— David Wilcox (@davidwilcox) October 17, 2018

Categories in the @lbbdcouncil Social Progress Index could provide a framework for mapping social infrastructure and activities as discussed here … interface between council policy and community needs and assets @ThamesWardCP 2/3

— David Wilcox (@davidwilcox) October 17, 2018

Mapping community assets and networks with residents and @ThamesWardCP could provide the basis for community/council collaboration to address issues revealed in @lbbdcouncil Social Progress Index 3/3

— David Wilcox (@davidwilcox) October 17, 2018

Enjoyed catching up with @nyunt_pye today and learning about his work putting together a Social Progress Index for Barking & Dagenham. Really great example of how using data well can help policy makers identify key areas where intervention is needed

— Tom Symons (@tomwsymons) October 30, 2018

Londoners - this borough data explorer tool is worth playing around with. It's the first ward level application anywhere in the world of the Social Progress Index. @nyunt_pye @lbbdcouncil gave the @CareCityUK team a working tour of it yesterday #lbbd

— Mark Caffrey (@markcaffrey_) October 19, 2018

Today we launched the borough data explorer, the first ward level application anywhere in the world of the Social Progress Index. Thanks to @shepleygreen and amazing @lbbdcouncil Council data team. This is a remarkable tool #bdsotb

— Chris Naylor (@publicnaylor) September 27, 2018

The @lbbdcouncil Social Progress Index and the Data Explorer platform is actually mind-blowing. Real time, accurate data, comparisons, visuals etc. This will be so useful for @studio3arts funding bids. #BDSOTB

— Liza Vallance (@LizaVallance) September 27, 2018

Pye Nyunt, Insight Hub Manager at #LBBD, discusses how we’re measuring social progress in #Barking & #Dagenham on our newly launched Borough Data Explorer: #BDSOTB

— Barking and Dagenham (@lbbdcouncil) September 27, 2018